Reginald Cosper Jr. A.K.A Sirr Tmo Sama Dancer/DJ/Music Producer is an ambassador of cultural arts and a Chicago dance maker. He has been dancing for 14 years underground in juke parties/clubs/raves, battles, stage performances and parades. As a dancemaker, his goal is to make the most beautiful movements out of something undone, not normal, and preferably unorthodox, through improvisation. While everyone does something one way, he inverts, reverses and combines movement with other vocabulary (a process close to his creative work as a DJ ). In his Greenhouse project, Sirr Tmo explores his native stomping grounds of Chicago and observes, embraces and shakes up things. He is fusing personality, movement, music, fashion and architecture of Chicago.

In a solo battle I practice and create new ways of moving. I recite and improvise based off what's happening with the music, telling a story through each round animating and hitting basic to complicated footwork craft. I have practiced dance for years, sometimes more than 8 hours a day. Each day forming and readjusting based off the original, making new movements and making sure the story is fluid and makes sense. 

—Sirr Tmo, Artist Statement


Mentor: Darrell Jones
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Mentor: Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood
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Photos: Courtesy of the Artist  

Video: Wills Glasspiegel and Brandon Calhoun