Shirley Mordine began her early training in San Francisco with Welland Lathrop, Anna Halprin, and the San Francisco Ballet School. In 1969 she founded The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago and served as Chair until 1999. Beginning in 1969, Shirley established The Chicago Dance Troupe, later renamed Mordine & Company, creating several seminal works for the Chicago dance scene including Journey, RSVP, andTongues. Mordine's collaborative associates have included John Boeshe, Ken Bowen, Mirek Rogala, Michael Montenegro, Amy Lee Segami, Richard Woodbury, Dave Pavkovic, and Tatsu Aoki.


For Resound, Shirley was interested in exploring the "first voice." By this she means exercising the courage to speak individually and openly in an age where much information and speech is manipulated, and where the covert, hidden voices create insurgent movements to speak for the voiceless. Her research consisted of extensive reading and conversations with knowledgeable people in the field of social evolution, experimenting with the dancers, and studying videos of the solo form at the Performing Arts Library in NYC. 


"This period of support allowed me to work with much less financial stress, engage outstanding collaborators, and spend extended time with the dancers to develop and research my ideas."   - Shirley Mordine







This project was an extension of Shirley's ongoing interest in languages, their origins and power to move people.



Resound was premiered at the Dance Center of Columbia College in 2004 with music by Dave Pavkovic and scenic design by John Boesche.

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