Sheldon B. Smith is the co-artistic director (with Lisa Wymore) of Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts, an award winning dance/theater/multimedia company based in Berkeley, CA. He has been making dances, music and video art for over 25 years in both in the Midwest and California. He is also an Assistant Professor in the Mills College Dance Department where he teaches various composition, music, technology and theory related courses. He has a BA in Dance from Colorado College and an MFA from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. 


Sheldon B. Smith’s CDF grant partially funded research, development and performances of an evening-length dance/theater work called Dryland. Developed collaboratively with his wife Lisa Wymore, Dryland was first conceived during a long drive across the American West. Exploring the body’s poetic response to place, movement and video material was gathered through a series of improvisations in the deserts, canyons and abandoned structures of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The multimedia work became a tender, intimate, humorous and haunting meditation on the thirst for love, water and territory. The work has been performed in Chicago, Colorado and New Mexico.



Originally trained in ballet and french horn his interests have since shifted. A lot. His current creative interests are focused on developing workable strategies for integrating technology into improvisational performance. Performances of this research should begin appearing throughout the US in 2013-14. 


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