Sara Zalek is a movement artist, choreographer, and curator. Zalek’s work is rooted in Butoh training, teaching, and investigation into personal identity. She is obsessed with time travel, experimental science, hybrid animals, permaculture, and the intentional act of transformation. Her performative works are designed to ignite public dialog, she creates unexpected encounters often mixed with humor and the sublime, with an intentional focus on the moment when the self is limitless potential. 


Zalek has collaborated in over 70 unique performance works using Butoh techniques for training and teaching. Her work has been featured at Chicago Cultural Center, Millennium Park, Hamlin Park, Links Hall, Defibrillator Gallery, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Dance Theatre Workshop (NY),  and Headwaters Theater (PDX). She has been a LinkUp Artist, High Concept Lab Artist, and recently featured in The Chicago Tribune for SSII: Post Butoh Festival.

She serves on the Board of Directors for both The Space Movement Project and Antibody Corporation, and was an administrator at Pentacle in 2014-15.



Zalek will develop “Formidable Dreams," a dance film project with conspirator Eugene Sun Park, of Full Spectrum Features. This series of shorts is about an androgynous trickster hero, often out of time, who moves between conscious and subconscious states, overstimulated and disillusioned. They travel in between the present moment, sudden reverie and memory, dream and trance states.