Call for Applications - Mordine & Co. to hire a Managing Director

Now in its 44th season, Mordine & Company remains one of Chicago's most engaging, thought-provoking, and critically acclaimed dance theater troupes. More information about the Company can be found here.

Primary External Responsibilities:

1. Coordination and expansion of performance opportunities, teaching engagements, and lecture demonstrations.
2. Develop funding strategies and opportunities, and write selected grant proposals.

Primary Internal Responsibilities:

1. Work with Artistic Director to identify and implement short-term and long-term growth strategies.
2. Work with Marketing Director to create strong, clear image and for Company that can be consistently distributed across multiple channels.
3. Manage Company Finances

The Company has received funding for a Consultant to help the chosen candidate transition into the Managing Director position, as well as to guide them through a 3-5 year goal-setting and strategic planning process for the Company.

The Managing Director position is half time (20 hours per week). Ideal candidates will have at least 3-5 years of Performing Arts Management experience.  Submit resume and Recommendations here.

Emma Draves Presents at World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference in Vancouver

Emma Draves presents: "Continuous R/Evolution of Indian dance: Retaining and Defining identity"


This research looks at how the transcultural relocation of Indian dance - a form deeply entwined with its cultural and religious pedigree - influences its evolving identity. In particular, she examines the work of artists creating innovative work informed by classical techniques and speaking to contemporary, hybrid experiences.


Lack of knowledge about the forms contributes to the perception of Indian dance, in many cases, as a sort of museum piece of historical representation/recreation sharply contrasted by its Bollywood counterpart. Audiences do not know how to read performances, and critics do not know how to write about them. Indian dance's Otherness continues to be at the forefront of its perceived identity. To this end, she asks: What more is needed to integrate this work into the arts community of the United States? How can this work to retain its identity whilst avoiding being orientalized, exoticised, or appropriated?

Lucky Plush Continues to Receive Accolades

Lucky Plush Productions received its second National Dance Project (NDP) Production Award for The Queue, LPP's next major work. In addition to significant production support, the NDP Award comes with touring subsidies in 2013-14. For booking information, contact Laura Colby, Director of Elsie Management at or


The project also received a National Performance Network Creation Fund Award, with co-commissioning partners Out North Contemporary Art House (Anchorage, AK), Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (Burlington, VT), and Links Hall (Chicago, IL).


About The Queue:

Co-created by Julia Rhoads and theater director Leslie Danzig, The Queue - an 80-minute dance theater work set in a fictional airport - clashes early 20th century choreography/texts (slapstick, vaudeville, short plays) with the distinctly non-theatrical context of waiting. The Queue playfully stages private dramas slipping into public spectacle as plots unfold and characters become embroiled in each other's lives. The work's diverse cast and stylistic collisions critique historical and contemporary assumptions about status, humor and violence. The Queue features original music by The Claudettes, a neo-vaudeville drum & piano duo with Michael Caskey & Johnny Iguana.

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