Nicole LeGette is the only Chicago-based artist dedicated to performing, presenting, and teaching butoh - a gently-rigorous, lovingly-provocative dance originating in 1960's Japan. She created blushing poppy to encompass these endeavors, including productions/events, body revolution classes/workshops, and the blushing poppy dance club student ensemble. Nicole strives to reveal the essential, the intimate, and the exquisite through her dance work and through her efforts to create opportunities for creative, cultural cross-pollination. 



Landscapes of Uncertainty researched the application of butoh dance practice with people with low/impaired vision. Although not clinically impaired, Nicole has very poor eyesight and has filtered the world, and shaped her being, through corrective lenses since age four. Her intention was to interrogate her many questions through direct engagement of people with low vision in classes/workshops/performances; mentoring with international, master-level dance artists who embrace the untrained dance community; intimate, solo dance explorations; and endless reading, research, etc. She possesses a passionate conviction to refine the highest artistry in service of others.


The Body Breaks: Butoh, Breakdancing, And Beyond(2006), Groping Towards Dance: Butoh And The Origins Of Movement(2005), and Rubbed Raw: Recent Investigations In Butoh (2004) demonstrate Nicole's curatorial commitment to exposing the dignity of every-body. Nicole maintains an active stage presence as a solo performer and a dedicated cellist. She is a recurring guest artist at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago.







Landscapes of Uncertainty

Created and performed by Nicole LeGette

Featuring guest artists Carole McCurdy, David Danyluk

Oct. 8th-11th, 2008

Rooms Gallery

645 W. 18th Street


Landscapes of Uncertainty is a visceral, body-based investigation of vision impairment navigating the endless expanse of perception, receptivity, and deep memory.