Mitsu Salmon creates dance, performance, and visual works that fuse
multiple disciplines. She has participated in artist residencies at
Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan), Incheon Art Platform (Korea), Oxbow
(MI), Guildhall (NY) and PAM (CA) as well as locally at Links Hall,
High Concept Lab, HATCH, and the Chicago Cultural Center. She has
performed solo work at places such as Performance Space 122, Dance
Theater Workshop, and Urbanguild (Japan). She has received the
Midwest Nexus Touring Grant and DCASE IAP.

"How do personal and family memories connect and collide? How are
ancestors held and resisted in our body?" 

—Mitsu Salmon, Artist Statement


"Orchid" is a solo interdisciplinary dance work that draws from her familial stories to investigate botany and imperialism as connected to contemporary issues of migration and the environment. The work examines the choreography of plants, both in terms of physical gestures and their human-intervened transportation.

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Photos: Rich Matheson | Tingyu Huang | Emerson Granillo | Alex Inglizian | Kiam Marcelo Junio |  

Video: Wills Glasspiegel, edited by Brandon Calhoun