Megan Young is a movement and new media artist whose work tests boundaries, exploits loopholes, and undermines convention. She has presented at the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Hong Kong, Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology at Connecticut College, The Current Sessions, Open Engagement, and in the Chicago SpinOff Series. Her socially engaged artist activism has been featured in Hyperallergic, The Atlantic, and on National Public Radio. 

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We come to know ourselves through our actions and to understand the world through the physical interface of a body. Unfortunately, bodies are subject to unequal regulations, limitations, and binaries. And so, the body is a contested site. I utilize physical performance, digital mediums, and community organizing as tools to dismantle discriminatory policies and social practices. I enlist viewers as co-conspirators and provide radical proximity to my work through inclusion in creation, activation, and distribution. 

My work takes the form of immersive performance, interactive installation, experimental film, and social disruption. I consider choreography as a form of system design and create dance/movement works in collaboration with performers and participants. Each project features a unique movement language and set of rules. 

My work tests boundaries, exploits loopholes, and disrupts standard use practices in digital design, interactive programming, mobile applications, and related formats. New media tools allow me to discard the reality of what is for the “virtuality” of what could be. Relocating the body to virtual space complicates rules of engagement and social constructs become just another type of creative coding. They can be hacked or rewritten. We can rewrite them together.

—Megan Young, Artist Statement

Photos: Chelsey Shilling | William Frederking | Motley Cat Studio | Dominik Kupniewski| Joe Mazza 

Video: Wills Glasspiegel


Young’s project for the Greenhouse program addresses the inherent inequalities of surveillance systems through interactive installation and performance scores. She builds on past collaborations with artists Gregory King, Angela Davis Fegan, and Leila Khoury to consider how best to navigate the hostilities of this place. 

Mentor: Meida McNeal
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