Margi Cole, founder and Artistic Director of The Dance COLEctive, received a BA in dance from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA in dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  As a teacher, she has taught for many educational and professional organizations around the country and more recently internationally. As a performer, Margi has danced with many well-known choreographers and companies.


In 2011, Cole traveled to Findhorn, Scotland to join 19 international performers participating in the Deborah Hay Solo Commissioning Project.  Margi has received two Illinois Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships, a 2005 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award, a 2015 Individual Arts Program Creative Project Grant from the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Grants Department and an American Marshall Memorial Fellowship. Margi is active in the Chicago dance community, having served as a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Consortium Member, on grant panels and in public forums as an arts administrator, dancer and choreographer.


CDF support allowed for research, development, performance and reflection for the making of Written on the Body.


A pseudonym represents a way of disguising one's identity to remain invisible. It is also a way to represent yourself as something other than what you are in order to be accepted. During the 19th Century, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë's pseudonyms - Ellis, Currer and Acton Bell - allowed the three sisters to conceal their identities under a masculine persona. Their hidden identities as well as the hardships they endured throughout their lives as writers in Victorian England provided the framework for Written on the Body and led to an exploration into the Brontë's masculine and feminine roles. 


The work is titled Written on the Body because our bodies are where our truest histories are written. Written on the Body was a major part of The Dance COLEctive's 10 year anniversary. The performances at the Ruth Page Center resulted in record setting audience for the company.


Margi received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to tour Written on the Body to the southeast states in 2008.


"The most valuable aspect of the CDF project was the ability to collaborate on many levels - with a composer, costumer, video artist and the dancers. Being at the table with CDF, with the valuable, passionate members of the consortium, as well as a group of artists that probably would not have chosen to be at the table during the process was also valuable."   - Margi Cole



Currently Cole is on faculty at Columbia College Chicago, where she has served as a Lecturer and Associate Chair.  More recently, Margi has been named Series Program Manager for the Dance Center Presenting Series at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago.  She was named one of The Players in New City’s “Fifty People Who Really Perform in Chicago” in 2012 and recognized by Today’s Chicago Woman among its 2014 “100 Women of Inspiration.”