Julia Rhoads is a choreographer and Artistic Director of Lucky Plush Productions. She is interested in creating immersive and transformative environments through the use of objects, visual design and a textured movement landscape. The development of a distinct movement vocabulary is always the starting point, but as Julia embraces the immediacy and unknown elements of live performance, the movement is continually filtered through risk, vulnerability and change. 


With support from CDF, Julia Rhoads delved into a year-long process of research and development that culminated into the presentation ofLulu Sleeps, an evening-length work that Lucky Plush Productions premiered at the Dance Center of Columbia College in November 2005. In making Lulu Sleeps, Julia focused on physical sensations encountered when dreaming such as flying, falling, intimacy and decay. In order to discover the choreographic vocabulary that would elucidate recurring dream motifs, Lucky Plush participated in an intensive workshop of Skinner Releasing Technique, an approach to movement that integrates the mind/body complex though tactile studies and guided poetic imagery. 


Since founding in 1999, Lucky Plush Productions has facilitated the relationship between dance, performance and new media technologies, offering a distinctive interdisciplinary platform in Chicago for innovative artists to collaborate.






With original music by Mark Messing and Kevin O'Donnell, and visual design elements of sculptor D Christopher Krause, costume designer Lara Miller, lighting designer Margaret Nelson, and video artists John Boesche and Logan Kibens,Lulu Sleeps became a visual playing field reflecting the elusive residue of dreams. Lulu Sleeps was listed among the top ten "lasting memories" in dance for 2005 in the Chicago Sun Times, where it was stated: "Choreographer Julia Rhoads is Chicago's resident surrealist, and this meditation on dreams and dream states was at once haunting, funny and imaginative."