A gymnast in high school, Jonathan Meyer discovered dance at Oberlin College in 1990.  After a capoeira immersion in Brazil with Maestre Medicina, he returned to college to receive an undergraduate degree in dance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  He spent time in Montreal, Utah, Amsterdam, and New York, alternating between the dance world and work with at-risk youth in wilderness therapy programs.  In 2002 he founded Khecari in Taos, New Mexico, before relocating to Chicago in 2006.  Shortly thereafter he began his intensive collaboration and partnership with Julia Rae Antonick, with whom he currently runs the company.  Meyer has been a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist, an artist in residence at Djerassi and Ragdale Foundations and through LinkUp and DanceBridge in Chicago, and has received support from the Illinois Arts Council and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.  He and Antonick are nominees for the US Artists Fellowship and shortlisted to be Kevin Spacey Foundation Artists of Choice.



Meyer's CDF project, The Waking Room, inquired into the somatic corollaries of non-ordinary states of consciousness such as psychosis, as a way of understanding the substructures of the human perceptual process. This exploration evolved into a specific improvisational process that involved reflexive, pre-cortical, or irrelevant somatic responses to sensory stimuli.  The improvisational process then served as a foundational matrix from which choreography was gleaned. The goal was to develop movement material not from a perceptually integrated aesthetics, but rather from responses to those micro-moments between sense and perception, when the world is inchoate and chaotic.


Meyer is currently developing The Cronus Land, an expansion of 2014's Oubliette.  The Cronus Land will be performed in the decayed Louis XVI ballroom of the Shoreland, featuring an audience of 12 per night who undertake a labyrinthine pilgrimage before being perched above a 5x8 foot pit, observing the dancers contained within.  His partner Julia Antonick and he are also developing Orders from the Horse, a duet exploration of surrender and low-brain awareness in improvisation, that will culminate in a 10 hour work installed throughout the rooms of the Madlener House mansion.