Hell bent on creating a repertoire that sparked conversations regarding gender, sexual prowess, and race, Jenn Freeman made her debut as burlesque artist Po’Chop in 2010. With over a decade of training, Po'Chop uses elements of dance, storytelling, and striptease to create performances that are described by Chicago critics as "...the most provocative symbol of might onstage...It was as if Po'Chop had captured lightning in a bottle and the bottle was herself." Since debuting Po' has seared across many U.S. stages. Jenn Freeman/Po’Chop participated in the 2016 Regional Dance Development Initiative (RDDI) Chicago Dance Lab and was a recent Co-Mission resident at Links Hall.

i am two. 

po’chop and jenn freeman. 

i am blurred brown skin hurled through space. 

bare skin that reveals a window. 

a view of internal wars. 

my work is political. 

lodging lumps in throats. 

jenn freeman is the breath behind the mask.

—Jenn Freeman, Artist Statement


With Building The People’s Church, Jennifer will be exploring the rich history of black women on the South Side of Chicago through the development of a church service that celebrates their legacy.

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Instagram: @itspochop

Photos: VAM | Greg Bell | Greg India | Roy Guste | Kriss Abigail 

Video: Wills Glasspiegel, edited by Brandon Calhoun