Jane Jerardi is a Chicago-based artist working in the media of choreography, performance, video installation, and writing. In observing the ordinary and even awkward, she sorts out and enunciates the unexpectedly beautiful. She has created work since 1998 for a variety of contexts –- from theaters and galleries to record store listening booths, public subway escalators and projected videos –- constructing pieces that often move fluidly between media. 

"In observing the ordinary and even awkward, I sort out and enunciate the unexpectedly beautiful."

-- Jane Jerardi, Artist Statement


"Delicate Hold," a movement-based performance event, delves into the way we articulate our desires – and in particular, for women to express desire – in a kind of manifesto and embrace of empowerment. This meditation focuses on desire as it is articulated in Buddhist thought, feminist writing, and in the tenets of dance improvisation – how we might become deeply attuned to desire by staying in the moment. "Delicate Hold" will be a departure for the artist as she aims to step outside the work to direct it, focusing on its overall architecture and structure. 

To see more, visit www.janejerardi.com.

Instagram: @jjerardi

Photos: Michael Grimaldi | JJerardi | Michael Wichita | Matthew Gregory Hollis | JJerardi  

Video: Wills Glasspiegel, edited by Brandon Calhoun