Irene Hsiao makes dances with visual art in museums and public spaces, a practice that includes interaction with visual artworks and experimental engagement with artists, institutions, and the public. Her work includes site-specific durational improvisation, solo theatrical dances, and video studies of art by Emmanuel Pratt, Virginio Ferrari, and Tang Chang at the Smart Museum of Art, and Philippe Parreno and Cevdet Erek at the Art Institute of Chicago. She has performed with companies and projects in the US, Asia, and Europe. Her writing on theater, art, dance, literature, and science can be found in venues including the Chicago ReaderLA Review of BooksSF WeeklyNewcity, and Chicago Sun-Times


Hsiao’s Lab year begins by studying the Smart Museum/Wrightwood 659 exhibition The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China for an inquiry on museums, material, mortality, markmaking, and what it means to witness and undergo erasure through the medium of dance.

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Photos: Erik L. Peterson | Rudi Amedeus | with Leon Golub's Reclining Youth by Prince Okpaleke | with Cevdet Erek's chiçiçiçichiciçi by Carla Carrasco Ocampo