Ginger Farley, Executive Director of Chicago Dancemakers Forum, has worked in Chicago as a dancer, choreographer, teacher and as an advocate for live and performing arts since 1978. In 2015, Farley became the first Executive Director of the newly incorporated Chicago Dancemakers Forum. During her involvement Chicago Dancemakers Forum has delivered more than $1million into the hands of dancemaking artists; attracted a national multi-year stimulus for dance, the Regional Dance Development Initiative, to Chicago; raised the regional and national profile of the organization and the artists that it serves; and recently engaged board, community stakeholders and artists in a process resulting in a five-year strategic plan which addresses diversity equity and inclusion, and succession and sustainability for the future of the organization. The plan identifies an expanded vision of city-wide collaboration in support of dancemakers.

Farley was an early member of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. In 2002 while working as dancemaker and performing artist, Farley served as a consultant to the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation on its Small Theater and Dance Program, participating in the “Excellence in Dance Initiative” at The Chicago Community Trust, and leading the way on a study of small, mid-sized and independent dance artists in Chicago. The larger initiative led to the development of the Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Farley received a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist award in its inaugural year, 2003, after which she then served as project director and consortium member prior to assuming her current role. Farley has served on numerous arts and culture committees and boards in Chicago.


contact: ginger@chicagodancemakers.org / 773-580-9322