Erin Kilmurray draws upon a contemporary dance practice, ensemble theatre, space-making, and a long standing relationship with nightlife culture to make inclusive, fiercely energetic, thoughtful live performance exchanges that intentionally shift between immersive and proscenium formats. Kilmurray is the director/ choreographer of The Fly Honey Show and a member of The Inconvenience. 

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As I approach dance as a test of aliveness and storytelling made absolutely with our beating hearts. Dancing is my shared language – a way to connect, celebrate, respond and take action. A way to remind ourselves of what we are capable. My methodology is equally about the survival of my passion as it is the integrity of that which makes movement powerful, meaningful, and relevant. 

Community is at the forefront of my work. The choreography and direction create athletic, inclusive, intimate dances that ignite in a place where people with or without dance experience can recognize. I foster collaborative projects that empower and rally intersectionality by the sharing of live experiences, dances, and personal stories. I am hell-bent on encouraging provocative work that stimulates the relationship between performer and witnessing audience -- constantly asking, “who, exactly, is this for?”. 

By facilitating moments that act as an agent for kinetic energy, I investigate the mindful dancing body as a physically-honed practice, a form of performative entertainment and communal catalyst.

—Erin Kilmurray, Artist Statement


Utilizing the dance floor and a sports arena as points of departure, her multi-phase dance project, SEARCH PARTY, follows a group of women as we consider the boundaries we face in this monumentally maddening moment in time —  relentlessly investigating our designated space vs. free space, what we have vs. what we need, and what is expected of us vs. what we are capable of. 

Mentor: Ginger Krebs
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Photos: Matthew Gregory Hollis | Matthew Gregory Hollis | Matthew Gregory Hollis | Karmen Elaine 

Video: Wills Glasspiegel