Erica Wilson-Perkins is a teacher, choreographer, producer and creative director. She is the founder of both the CounterGroove Dance Company, Detroit (1996-2002) and the Chicago based creative collaboration, FightWaterPros. Erica holds a BFA in dance from Columbia College, South Carolina, and a MFA in dance from Florida State University. She has been a dance faculty member at University of Illinois, Wayne State University, and Columbia College Chicago, both as full-time professor and Artist-in-Residence. 


FightWater: Past/Future-Never Present was a solo danced by Erica Wilson-Perkins, and the incorporated talents of eight other creative individuals: including composers Joshua Harris and Corbett Lunsford, writers and visual artists Shelley Masar and Liddia Stevens, photographer Andrea Petrucelli, manager Jennifer Brummer, video-source Tranel Bland, and DJ/ composer Amber Lewis. The project focused on the concept of ‘actual' creative processing and the ability to capture it in raw form on film. The end result was a live studio audience production, presented at The Dance Center of Columbia College on March 19 & 20, 2004. The evening length solo/event featured improvised movement, musical score, and video and set manipulation, all in the name of faith and salvation.


Erica continues to create work nationally with a recent installment to her FightWater Series entitled The Water Consecration Papers, which she performed in Colorado. Presently, Erica resides in San Antonio, TX, with her son, Xavia, where she is engaged in solo performances, program development and painting. In addition, she directs the City of San Antonio Contemporary Dance Troupe.





The documentary, A Dancumentary, highlighted the activities of these creative individuals in this year-long process/event.