Rob Welcher

Volledig: Emptied of Shame, Full of Life


Preston Bradley Hall

A concert dance piece developed with a group of artists exploring their relationships with HIV and having survived the AIDS Crisis.  


Paul Hamilton, Joseph Hutto, Cat Mahari, Merrick Mitchell, Ted Sollinger, Rob Welcher

Production Credits

Choreographer: Rob Welcher & company

Music: Paul Hamilton


About the Piece

This work represents the stories of the artists in this project – what they experienced living through the AIDS Crisis, how they survived it, and how they are living in a world that still stigmatizes HIV and doesn’t provide equal care to everyone who is affected by HIV/AIDS. It is also our recollections of the people we

have known who suffered through, lived through, and died in the AIDS Crisis. This work does not try to represent every narrative within the Crisis. In fact, there are many accounts that have been lost and will never be heard. There are many voices that even now are marginalized and ignored, especially those of people of color.


With the assembled artists, I lead us through a journey of re-exploration and re-discovery of histories, memories, buried emotions, and even old wounds. In our process, we bore witness to each other and mined our collective experience for material with which we created this performance that hopefully, will allow the audience to go on the journey with us from those dark, exposed, vulnerable places to

the light of the lives we lead today – emptied of shame and full of life. We refuse to be silent, to let what has transpired be unspoken and forgotten. We shall not let the world sit comfortably and look away from the tragedy that we have endured and that continues to unfold around us.

About the Artist

Website: facebook.com/AquaDancerRob


Some members of this project are HIV-negative; some are HIV-positive; some have received an AIDS diagnosis. All project members have been altered by the AIDS Crisis; all have seen friends suffer; all have seen friends die.