Paige Caldarella

If Left Unchecked (excerpts)


Sidney R. Yates Gallery

This duet with film explores female rage, created by sexism and amplified by race, as a powerful engine for resistance and progressive change.  


Keyierra Collins and Jess Duffy


Production Credits

Choreography: Paige Caldarella with movement contributions from the dancers and

direction by Jessica King



Original score by Jake Nikolas that leans on and samples from Symphony No. 4 in

E minor by Johannes Brahms


Dance Dramaturge and Co-Creator - Jessica King


About the Piece

If Left Unchecked is a duet that explores how female rage, created by sexism and amplified by race, can be a powerful engine for resistance and progressive social change when experienced - and enacted - across lines of difference.

About the Artist

Website: offcenterchicago.wixsite.com/off-center

Social Media: @offcenterproject


Paige Caldarella is an independent choreographer making project based work under the umbrella of The Off Center Project. Caldarella's work integrates classical ballet with chance and abstraction as well as modern dance vocabularies to mine deeper meaning from traditional ballet technique. By diversifying and humanizing the effort being showcased onstage, the Off Center Project examines the heteronormativity propagated by traditional ballet and gives a home to those proposing new ideas about gender, body type, and identity. We are interested in the ways in which traditional ballet can be made more vibrant and current by intersecting and relating it to other forms of movement.