Quantum Negress Tantras:  Yoga-Plays with Power


G.A.R. Rotunda


Dance Studio

Moonbones Yoga  


The focus of this class is re-balancing the pathways of consent between the Earth and Cosmos within the body.  The class is welcome to all but will be most accessible to able bodied people who engage in regular physical activity.

Production Credits

Concept Designer/Performer/Musician:  Moonbones

Flag Art:  Protest Banner Lending Library

Cosmic Eye:  Hereaclitus Here Vernon


About the Piece

For Elevate Moonbones is playing with the power to move through fractal portals of Cosmic and Earth energy through the body and germinate a seed of bliss in AllThatIs,  healing the ruptures in the pathways of consent between the Earth and Cosmos.  Quantum Negress Tantras (QNT) is a Multi-Dimensional Performance Art/Magical Ritual that lives and thrives in the cyberspheres under the hashtag #quantumnegresstantras.  QNT is also a grimoire in the form of creative writing--the first installment of which will be published in the upcoming issue of Apogee Journal--@apogeelit.


The live aspect of QNT is a series of live rituals begun in Spring '18 @highconceptlabs incorporating yoga, pilates live organic sounds sometimes looped and spoken, reiki, and surrendering.  WARNING:  Though no being is harmed in the process of QNT, evolutionary shifts may ensue.  Proceed consensually.

About the Artist

Social Media: @moonbonesofficial


Moonbones, the Cosmic Child, is a negress witch yogi artist. Conceived the night her parents received their initiations on the path of Sant Mat from Satguru Maharaj Charan Singh, she is committed to seeing of the Guru in all things and learning to choose bliss from one moment to the next. She improvises spells for personal and collective enlightenment, collects and spreads seeds to grow a love-centric paradigm of experience. Her introduction to pranayama was through the realm of classical vocal instruction. She learned the seeds of meditation from her father, loving grace from her grandmother, honesty and gratitude from her mother.


Moonbones has a long lasting fascination and concern with the optimal conditioning and use of the body. An award winning choreographer and vocalist, she trained in yoga, release based and other dance and vocal techniques with master teachers/artists including Nana Shineflug, Jan Erkert, Eduardo Vilaro, Asimina Chremos, Natalie Rast, Emily Stein, Carmen Mehta, Louise Cloutier, Dr. Darren Moham and others. She received extensive training in Shiatsu under the guidance of Steve Rogne, earned her Anusara Inspired tantric yoga teaching credential through Abhaya Yoga, yoga teaching certification from master yogis Carmen and Moises Aguilar from CYogaLife, and comprehensive Pilates teaching certification from The Fitness Guru Michael Feigin. Moonbones also wields Reiki and is co-founder of Chicago Yoga Connection.