Molly Shanahan/Mad Shak


More Body Love Workshop

9:00-10:00am (Onsite registration at 8:45am)

Dance Studio

Movement workshop for people, centered around the reflection of the love, shame and fear of our bodies in a body-obsessed society.

MORE BODY LOVE is an in-development initiative by Molly Shanahan that is about quiet advocacy, space for stories, and movement practices that might alleviate or reframe individual and collective experiences of body-mind disharmony, fear of flesh/fat, and body shame.

MORE BODY LOVE stems from Shanahan’s decades-long commitment to rigorous dance practices and public performance that are not, in practice, essence, or product, reiterative of flesh-minimizing, somatophobic, and fit-youth-centric conceptions of fitness and beauty. In spite of myriad “body positive” efforts these conflicts remain part of humans’ lived experience, and the current political turmoil has increased assaults on bodies both literal and virtual and across registers of gender, race, class, and geography.

MORE BODY LOVE proposes tenderness, time, and the tenacity of flesh’s sensational specificity as balms for a body-hating country that has been internalized as weight-phobias, fit-fads, and strength-obsessions.


MORE BODY LOVE will take the form of a gently-guided movement meditation (a solo practice within the context of a group workshop) and brief opportunity for participant sharing at the end.

Losing Place and Space: On Purpose or Not


Dance Studio

Molly Shanahan and Jeff Hancock’s duet reflects their own stories and made-up myths of space, place, loss and being lost.

About the Piece

Losing Place and Space, On Purpose and Not is Molly and Jeff Hancock moving forward their And We Shall Be Rid of Them duet project, which premiered in an evening-length format in 2015 in the Cultural Center's Studio Theatre.​