Lucky Plush Productions

Rink Life (excerpt)


Sidney R. Yates Gallery

In place of recorded sound, the multiracial ensemble delivers a spoken and sung soundscore that conveys the idiosyncratic feel and communal space of 1970’s roller rink culture  


Kara Brody

Michel Rodriguez Cintra

Elizabeth Luse

Jacinda Ratcliffe

Rodolfo Sanchez Sarracino

Aaron-Raheim White

Meghann Wilkinson

Production Credits

Creator/Director: Julia Rhoads

Collaborating Director:Leslie Danzig

Vocal Collaborator:Bethany Clearfield

Costume Design: Patrick Burns


About the Piece

In Rink Life, Lucky Plush brings its highly-integrated brand of dance theater into a communal space that nods to the visual aesthetics and social dynamics of 1970’s roller rink culture. Launching from a collision of plot points in several one-act plays, the script-turned-libretto is both spoken and sung by the ensemble, and builds upon fragments of everyday aural input—passing conversations, intimate exchanges, distant whispers, pop song ear-worms. These source inspirations come together in the delightful and moving world of Rink Life, where people navigate relationships, self-expression, and rejection in real-time.

About the Artist

Website: luckyplush.com

Social Media:

YouTube: LuckyPlushChannel

Instagram: @luckyplush

FB: @luckyplushproductions

Twitter: @luckyplush

Artistic Director: Julia Rhoads



Kim Goldman




Lucky Plush Productions is an ensemble dance-theater company based in Chicago, led by founder and Artistic Director Julia Rhoads. The company is committed to provoking and supporting an immediacy of presence—a palpable live-ness—shared by performers in real time with audiences. A unique hybrid of high-level dance and theater, Lucky Plush’s work is recognized for its layered choreography, nuanced dialogue, surprising humor, and socially relevant content.


Since its founding in 2000, Lucky Plush has created 30 original dance-theater works including 13 evening-length productions. In addition to regularly performing in Chicago, the company has presented work in over 55 US cities from Maine to Hawaii, and its international partners span from New Zealand to Cuba. Commissioners of the company’s work include the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Krannert Center at the University of Illinois, Flynn Center for the Performing Arts (VT), Links Hall Chicago,

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (MD), and Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Lucky Plush has also collaborated with Lookingglass Theatre, Redmoon, Walkabout Theater, and M5.


Lucky Plush Productions is the first and only dance company to receive the prestigious MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, a recognition of the company’s exceptional creativity and impact. Other awards include creation, residency, and touring awards from National Endowment for the Arts, National Dance Project, and National Performance Network; exchange awards from the MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund; a presentation award from MetLife Foundation; and an

achievement award from the Lester and Hope Abelson Fund for the Performing Arts at The Chicago Community Trust.