Hedwig Dances

Futura (excerpts) - "Point, Line, Plane"


Sidney R. Yates Gallery

Focused on confinement and freedom, tribal groupings and fear of others, Futura is inspired by the Bauhaus modernist art movement and social design.  


Yariana Baralt Torres

Jacob Buerger

Rigoberto Fernandez Saura

Olivia Gonzalez

Oksana Kuzma

Taimy Ramos

Production Credits

Choreographer: Jan Bartoszek, Choreographer

Music: Richard Woodbury

Maray Gutierrez, Assistant Choreographer


About the Piece

Hedwig Dances presents an excerpt from Futura, based on the Bauhaus modernist movement. Futura will receive its world premiere at the Dance Center of Columbia College on November 1-3 @ 7:30 PM.


The Bauhaus school began in Germany at the close of the First World War. The word Bauhaus means “house of building.” It was forward-looking and idealistic in its fundamental belief that art and design are a source of social transformation. The focus was a unity of the arts and its expansion to include crafts. The Bauhaus aesthetic is clean and stripped of ornamentation. It values experimentation,

abstraction, and the unity of form and function. The Bauhaus has never been one thing and it continues to have countless iterations.


I’ve long been captivated by the Bauhaus school’s “back to basics” approach which drew me to make not one, but two research trips to Germany. I visited the original Bauhaus sites in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin where I met with historians, choreographers and researchers which helped shape my foundational ideas for Futura. One of the outcomes of this research study is a subsequent collaboration in creating Futura's prologue with Torsten Blume of Bauhaus Dessau, the Institute of Design (the

New Bauhaus, established 80 years ago in Chicago by Lazlo Maholoy-Nagy) with faculty Jeffery Mau along with Jason White of Leviathan. In this latest work, I explore how dance shapes, and is shaped by society, art, architecture, and design in the 21st century. I focus on space, particularly the idea of confinement and freedom.


This exploration of Bauhaus principles is consistent with my career-long focus on dance practice and performance as a ritual powerful enough to break down barriers and bring people together. I believe that dance is as much a research science as an extension of the humanities, and I continue to be intrigued by the question of why people dance and how we interpret and understand what is being communicated non-verbally through movement.


In September 2019, Hedwig Dances will tour Futura to Germany for the Bauhaus Centenary Performance in Dessau. It is a great honor for Hedwig Dances, to participate in this celebration of the Bauhaus legacy.

About the Artist

Website: HedwigDances.com

Social Media: 

Facebook: @hedwigdancesinc

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Instagram: hedwigdances

Artistic Director: Jan Bartoszek

Booking/Management: Julie Volkmann


JAN BARTOSZEK (Choreographer) fosters a spirit of collaboration with other artists, merging choreography, objects, media, text, and music to create dances that resonate with complexity and depth. Her central pursuit as a dance artist is how the body expresses truths about the human experience beyond words. These concerns led her to research dance from a cultural and world dance perspective. 


Ms. Bartoszek has created more than 65 dances. These dances have been presented in national performance venues and internationally in Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, and Canada. Her choreography credits include work for theater (Steppenwolf, Northlight, Live Bait and Court theaters as well as choreographing and assisting in work by director Ping Chong), film (Arch of Repose, the dance film she created with her CDF Lab Artist Award, received a 2016 Emmy nomination); and, opera (Dead Birds: A War Ritual with composer William Harper and director D.W. Moffet). She has garnered numerous choreography fellowships, including one from the National Endowment for the Arts and eight from the Illinois Arts Council. She was one of 12 Chicago dance artists selected by a national panel to participate in the 2016-2017 Regional Dance Development Initiative sponsored by the New England Foundation for the Arts, the National Dance Project, and the Chicago Dancemakers Forum (CDF).  In 2014, she received a National Performance Network Creation Fund Grant to develop and tour Trade Winds, a dance collaboration between Hedwig Dances and the Havana-based dance company, DanzAbierta.  She has led four dance tours to Cuba and one to Germany. 


MISSION:  Hedwig Dances creates, performs, and cultivates contemporary dance theater within communities of audiences, dancers, and artists with the goal of provoking human connection and wonder. To achieve this, Hedwig works in collaboration with prominent artists from a variety of mediums and cultural backgrounds, trains and mentors dance artists, and creates corporeal works of emotional insight and beauty — engaging its communities in a process of artistic creation and reflection.


Hedwig Dances is a contemporary dance theater ensemble celebrating 33 years under the artistic direction of its Founder, Jan Bartoszek. In-Residence at The Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Hedwig Dances’ bold, interdisciplinary collaborations combine poetic choreography with sculptural artifacts, projected images and haunting original music. The Company is named in honor of Ms. Bartoszek’s grandmother.


The critically acclaimed and award-winning dance ensemble has presented over 1,500 performances at prestigious national and international venues. The Company has twice performed in exclusive performances at Joyce SoHo (New York City). Additional engagements include Teatro Nacional De Cuba Sala Avellaneda (Havana, Cuba), Teatro Diana (Guadalajara, Mexico), Grace Street Theater (Richmond, Virginia), Margaret H’Doubler Performance Space (Madison, Wisconsin), Lee Theater (Spring to Dance Festival, St. Louis, Missouri), among myriad other performance residencies and outreach program over the past three decades. 


Hedwig Dances and its associated artists have been honored with two Ruth Page Awards and a Chicago Dance Award. For 20 years (1992 – 2011), Hedwig Dances served as the Dance Company-In-Residence at the Chicago Cultural Center under the visionary leadership and invitation of the late Lois Weisberg (Commissioner, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, 1989-2011).