Darrell Jones is a solo dance artist and improviser. He delves deeply into the pluralism of ideas and forms that live within the dancing body. The cultural and environmental forces that shape human beings with their accompanying improvisational expressions continue to fascinate him. His process involves unraveling these poetics of dance through ethnographic approaches inviting the audience deeper into the narratives behind the movement. 



Chicago has an active black gay community that has contributed to the foundation of the dance form voguing. Darrell's project Third Swan from the End explores the physical arias of this dance style and how a specific minority art form has become a present metaphor for ideas of power and transgression. Darrell's research process included immersion in the Chicago ballroom scene for an embodied understanding of the voguing culture.











Codification, deconstruction and experimentation were main elements of his developmental phase, which explored the movements and ideologies that influence the evolving aesthetics of voguing The production aspect involved ongoing site specific solo "happenings", investigative exchanges with local voguers, and a group performance/mini-ball housed at one of the historic venues in Chicago's ballroom tradition.


Third Swan from the End premiere: September 2007.