Darling Shear is a Chicago Native with roots in Atlanta. GA. As a freelance dancer/choreographer, Darling has worked with The Fly Honeys of the The Inconvenience, Body Cartography (Minneapolis), Links Hall, Victoria Bradford, The School of the Art Institute, Depaul Museum, University of Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Salonathon, Open TV beta and many more. Darling’s work is intentionally queer and sex positive, and employs dance as a tool to help heal people with their various traumas, exploring the depths embodied communication and corporeal embodiment of divinity.


"Tech, no-Jesus" explores our crippling relationship and addiction to technology and religious dogma in contrast to a lack in our greater collective relationship to spirituality. Using a Judeo-Christian context/lens as an entry point, it expands into a cross cultural examination of contemporary society’s relationship between two competing demiurges: one being technology as a source of creation and the other being deity as the source of creation. Through guerilla anthropological/ethnographic methods, Tech, no-Jesus hopes to excavate and capture the philosophical tension and conflict of Matthew 6:24.

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Photos: Abigail Zoe Martin | Alison Sweat | Stephanie Bassos | Glitter Guts | Darling Shear

Video: Wills Glasspiegel, edited by Brandon Calhoun