In 2020, up to eight Chicago-based artists will be selected for Chicago Dancemakers Forum's inaugural CrossHatch Travel Program. The Program includes: $2,500 grant  for applicant-designed domestic or international travel between August 2020 and August 2021, Awards Celebration, pre-departure orientation, and post travel convening with other awardees. 

Individual, Chicago-based artists working in any dance form and at any stage in their career trajectory, including former awardees, are welcome to apply.

Past Chicago Dancemakers Forum Awardees are diverse in age, gender, race and dance discipline, working in tap, Bharatanatyam, footwork, dance for the camera, voguing, contemporary, modern dance, and more. Many of these artists have built national audiences and international recognition since receiving support from Chicago Dancemakers Forum and, collectively, emanate the distinct character and power of new dance made in Chicago. 

The Program aligns with an international mobility declaration (2014) made by the Safar Fund (Arab world), Art Moves Africa (Africa), CEC ArtsLink (USA), the Russian Theatre Union (Russia), Arts Network Asia (Asia) and the Roberto Cimetta Fund (Euro-Arab zone):​

  • Aiming to provide travel grants for individual artists and cultural activists as a way of protecting the diversity of cultural and artistic expression.

  • Affirming that facilitating face to face encounters is necessary to set up long term partnerships or alliances based on trust, reciprocity and fair exchange.

  • Believing that mobility can provide creative learning opportunities that are crucial for the healthy growth of individuals and communities.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 7.43.48 AM.png

Hedwig Dances "Futura" | By William Frederking


The application will be open in February 2020 with a deadline in May 2020. 


As we head into the application process, sessions will be offered throughout the city in order to introduce, inform and assist potential applicants. These sessions are FREE and open to all active dancemakers in the greater Chicagoland area.



Chicago Dancemakers Forum invites dancemakers/choreographers living in Chicago and vicinity who identify with the following statements to apply:

  • I am currently and actively engaged in dancemaking in the greater Chicagoland area.

  • I am well positioned to travel for artistic purposes between August 2020 to July 2021.


A competitive application demonstrates...

  • Quality and distinction of dance work.

  • Clear and compelling intentions for travel(i.e.I have never traveled abroad. /There is a venue that I’ve been in conversation with. / My work is focused on artisticpractice specific to my destination. /I’m collaborating with an international artist. / I am multilingual and hope to leverage my language skills and interests for purposes of artistic growth.) 

  • Organizational skills to carry out proposed activities


  • Artists' primary residences must be located in the greater Chicago metropolitan area from August 2020-August 2021. Applicants with dual-residency will not be considered.

  • Students enrolled in any degree program at the time of application are not eligible for the CrossHatch Travel Program.

  • Chicago Dancemakers Forum 2020 Lab Artists are not eligible for this program. Note that former Lab Artists (2003-2019), Greenhouse program awardees, Elevate Chicago Dance participants, RDDI Chicago artists, and all other eligible dancemakers are welcome to apply.

  • Chicago Dancemakers Forum takes all possible measures to insure that the panel selection process is free of conflict of interest and favoritism. In keeping with that goal, anyone who has been employed as staff, as a consultant, or as a part of the leadership body for Chicago Dancemakers Forum may not apply to any of its granting programs until a full year has passed since the end of their employment before the application deadline. Excepted from this rule are interns who have earned less than $5k in a given year, or who have worked for school credit. 


​If you have questions about the CrossHatch Travel Grants Program, please contact Shawn Lent, Programs and Communications Director, via email at​