Chicago Dancemakers Forum creates possibilities for, and cultivates connection with, dancemakers throughout the city through its signature Lab Artists program and other grant opportunities, and by responsively developing and delivering multiple artist-centric programs. Working in close partnership with peer organizations, these offerings include residencies, workshops, symposia, showings, performances and festivals. This is in keeping with Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s mission to support artistic growth and to build new networks and platforms for dancemakers in Chicago. 

In developing a new 5-year strategic plan, the organization has clarified the Consortium partnerships. With each partner, Chicago Dancemakers Forum has agreed to develop collaborative projects; cross-promote  dance-related activities, programs, and performances at Consortium organizations; and include Consortium organizations in ongoing equity and diversity dialogues convened by Chicago Dancemakers Forum to strengthen relationships and understanding within the larger Chicago dance community. 

As Consortium Member Organizations, each participates in one or more of the following ways: 

  • Residencies: Provide space for rehearsal and dance development residencies for artists. 

  • Presenting: Present the work of current Lab Artists and/or collaborate with Chicago Dancemakers Forum in presenting large-scale festivals, celebrations, presentations. 

  • Partnered Public Programs: Collaborate in designing and delivering public programs such as symposia, workshops, showings, dialogues etc. 

  • Mentorship: A staff member works directly with Chicago Dancemakers Forum artists during their award year.

  • Facilities: Donate space for Chicago Dancemakers Forum Board meetings and other convenings/work.

  • Connections: Special support for artists (comp tickets, meet ups with visiting artists, etc.) 


The Consortium is composed of organizations who are leaders in the dance community, and is currently made up of the following nine member organizations.