Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood, a cultural ambassador and leader in the Hip-Hop community, has served both nationally and internationally as an artist, performer, educator, choreographer, host, judge and competitor over the last 18 years.  BRAVEMONK is a member of Chicago’s legendary and internationally recognized breaking crew Phaze II Crosstown Crew (Est. 1982), Co-founding Director of BraveSoul Movement, a founding contributor and Co-Host of Power Style Radio, and an advisory board member of Chicago Dance History Project.  BRAVEMONK’s movement vocabulary is rooted in African American urban vernacular dance forms including Breaking, Hip-Hop social dances and house. He also draws on his training in martial arts and other embodied Afro-diasporic movement languages. As a new faculty member at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, BRAVEMONK will be teaching the institution’s first course in breaking this fall 2017. 

I don't think in the form of moves; I exist in the form of movement. I seek to empower people of all generations to realize their potential through Hip-Hop as a vehicle of expression and change.

—Daniel "BRAVEMONK" Haywood, Artist Statement


Breakin’ On The Line: Tradition/Innovation is an exploration in pushing creative boundaries for the concert stage while staying rooted and connected to the Afro-diasporic cultural lineage of Hip-Hop and street dance forms. This requires identifying the deep structures for innovation that lie within the cultural aesthetics and ethos of these forms, and figuring out how to marry them to approaches from other disciplines. Through collaborating with other artists who are rooted between these two worlds and spaces, such as Ralphael Xavier, as well as dramaturg Kelsa K-Soul, BRAVEMONK will be finding where and how the lines between tradition and innovation can be broken, twisted, blurred and at the same time held together. Breakin’ On The Line will culminate in a three-part performance series of works in progress involving seasoned street dance artists and a moderated discussion with diverse audiences centered around the projects’ themes.  

To find out more, visit BRAVEMONK.com and BraveSoulMovement.com.


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Photos: Joseph Davis Castleberry

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