Bob Faust has been described as "part artist, part designer, part mediator and therapist.” He is the principal and creative director for Faust, a Chicago-based design studio with a focus on cultural branding. He is also the professional and personal partner of artist Nick Cave. Together, the two recently opened a dynamic, multiuse creative space in Chicago called Facility. As an entity, it believes that art and design can create peace, build power, and change the world ... that by fostering an environment and community built from your dreams you will wake up daily within your destiny. Facility home to both Cave Studio, Faust Associates and also serves as a creative hub for other artists, artisans, designers and architects that additionally plays host to myriad pop-up special projects such as exhibitions, performances and retail experiences.


In addition to the busy design practice that Faust operates from his studio, he also uses it as a base from which to create his unique brand of hybrid aesthetic phenomena, which function variously as visual art installations and frameworks for meditative experiences. 


Faust has been recognized nationally and internationally for his creativity and clarity through many prestigious exhibitions and publications including: Communication Arts, Print and How magazines, the Society of Typographic Arts and Under Consideration, About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art (Wrightwood 659, 2019), Great Ideas of Humanity: Out of the Container (Chicago Design Museum, 2018), GU LTY / NNOCENT (Call-and-Response to Nick Cave's UNTIL, MASS MoCA, 2017), Nick Cave: Kaleidoscopic Playground (MASS MoCA, 2017), Fluid Bound (Co-Prosperity Sphere, 2016), Unfolded: Made with Paper (Chicago Design Museum, 2016), Bob Faust: Peace Pop (Chicago Cultural Center, 2016), Bob Faust: Betweens (Riverside Arts Center, 2016), CHGO DSGN (Chicago Cultural Center, 2014), Bob Faust: Ipseity (Manifold Gallery, 2013).


In addition to sitting on the board of directors for Chicago Dancemakers Forum, he serves on the School of the Art Institute's prestigious Fashion Council. 

Photo: Wills Glasspeigel