Ayesha Jaco is a Chicago based Philanthropist, Educator and Choreographer. She is the Co-Founder of M.U.R.A.L. formerly the Lupe Fiasco Foundation where she currently serves as the Director. Ayesha is the founder of Move Me Soul. Ayesha's disciplinary focus is a fusion of contemporary Modern, Jazz, West African and Hip Hop dance. 

She has been featured in Hype Magazine South Africa for her artistic prowess and youth work. She was recently awarded Power 25 Chicago Award by Walker's Legacy for her commitment to excellent leadership. Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance and Mass Communication from Illinois State University and a Masters of Arts Management (Arts in Youth and Community Development) from Columbia College Chicago.


My practice employs the meaning of Sankofa, a word from the Akan Tribe in Ghana. my process of creation always begins with a reflection and meditation of the best way to portray choreographic stories that highlight the struggle and resiliency of humanity. I examine music and ideologies of those who have come before me. This exploration always provide a missing piece to puzzle that I am trying to solve while seeking to chart a new course using movement as a vehicle of transformation.

—Ayesha Jaco, Artist Statement


The Chississippi Mixtape is a montage of choreographed and improvised movement featuring the sounds of Damon Locks coupled with various images and oral histories. The suite will chronicle the voyage of the artist's late Grandmother and mother from the Mississippi Delta as sharecroppers to Chicago during the 2nd and 3rd waves of the Great Migration.

To see more, visit www.movemesoul.wordpress.com.


Photos: Obari Cartman | Sundjata |Maryie Fields

Video: Wills Glasspiegel, edited by Brandon Calhoun.