Asimina Chremos is a solo dance artist focused on improvisation as a practice and performance form. She lived in Chicago 1997—2010, and currently resides in Philadelphia PA. 


CDF funds supported the research, creation and presentation of Zeibekika in January 2006. Zeibekika was an-evening-length piece that brought real and imagined Greek ancestral memories to life. Notable research activities included a visit to the Dora Stratou Folk Dancers in Athens, Greece, creating a relationship with the Orpheus Hellenic Dance Troupe in the Chicago suburbs, reading texts on modern Greek history, music listening, and internet and interview-based research on the zembekiko.


Chremos formed an ensemble of nine performers, including Greek-American sax player David Rempis and vocalist Carol Genetti. Dancers of Same Planet Different World company and dance soloist Julieann Graham were asked to join the cast. A warehouse space was secured as a venue for the project, and the space was set up as a “taverna,” with tables and chairs surrounding a round stage built by Jon Pope.


Greek snacks and coffee were served by Gold’n’Pear catering. Chris Wooten created a lighting plot. Linda Solotaire provided marketing support. The project was hailed by the Chicago-Sun Times as “a fascinating new hourlong but centuries-deep dance-theater piece exploring her Greek heritage.” The project also placed Asimina in the public eye as a Greek-American, helping her to create new relationships and projects with entities such as the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, and Greek-American poet/performer Angela Kariotis.  A new version of Zeibekika, called Zeibekika/Paraphrased, was mounted at the Hellenic American Academy in Deerfield, IL in March of 2007.


"Recognition by CDF has been an important mark of achievement and encouragement for my work as I reach what I imagine is my mid-career. The grant challenged me to take on a much larger, more ambitious project than I would have done otherwise."  - Asimina Chremos



Chremos relocated to Philadelphia in November 2011, where she continues to teach and perform dance improvisation and also applies her freeform ethos of to fiber arts, specifically colorful crocheted lace-like forms.