Adam Rose is the Artistic Director of Antibody Corporation, a mission based organization specializing in mind/body integration. Adam makes work from the standpoint of a theoretical Antibody — an amorphous body that evades conceptual, genre, and formal categories. Since 2009, Antibody Corporation has presented works spanning dance, performance art, film, and music, in Chicago as well as nationally and internationally.


Rose is a graduate of Antioch College (2008), where he earned a BA in Dance. He has received several awards, including a Tanne Award from the Tanne Foundation (2013), a DanceBridge Residency at the Chicago Cultural Center (2012), a Chicago Dancemakers Forum Greenhouse grant (2011), a Sponsored Artist residency at High Concept Laboratories (2011), and a LinkUp Artist Residency at Links Hall (2009). Antibody Corporation has received grants from the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation and the Illinois Arts Council.


“Against Being” places dance within the context of the philosophical debate between Being and Becoming. My project defines itself negatively, in terms of what dance is not: dance is not a language; dance is not a visual art form. My process will examine how the conceptualization of dance influences the act of dancing — and conversely how dance evades conceptualization.



Final CDF showing in October at Links Hall.


Against Being

Antibody Corporation

Directed by Adam Rose.


Performed by Eryka Dellenbach, Brooke Underwood, Adam Rose, and more to be announced.


Against Being:

A dance about nothing — an exploration of space — the space between language and dance. They say a language dies every 14 days. You don’t know our language, but we know yours. In our language, we have no word for “Being” — no word for “Truth” — no word for “Essence” — we don’t need these words! How could one live without them?



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