Chicago Dancemakers Forum elevates the field of dance by being a catalyst for the artistic and professional growth of dancemakers, providing time and resources for in-depth exploration and creation. Through robust interaction among dancemakers and with the public, Chicago Dancemakers Forum builds broad support and appreciation for Chicago’s diverse dance communities. The Lab Artists Program makes $15,000 cash grants to choreographers annually, increased to $20,000 for 2020. Grants are combined with mentorship throughout the research, development and performance of a newly choreographed work. 


Dance matters. Dance is integral to our collective cultures. It is a core human expression that transforms us, generates wonder, and furthers honest

connection and understanding.

The artist is at the center. Artists are the bedrock of our creativity as a society. Their best work is enabled by support structures that are sensitive

and tailored specifically to them.

Process is as valuable as product. Creative inquiry promotes innovation and embraces the concept that productive failure can spur growth.

An inclusive arts community is the only one worth building. Chicago Dancemakers Forum welcomes and celebrates all forms of dance. It aspires to build community through inclusion and a culture of equity at all levels of activity.

Chicago has a rich and thriving dance landscape. Its dancemakers and dance communities merit increased support and greater recognition locally, nationally, and internationally.

Collaboration activates change. Chicago Dancemakers Forum's strength is that it is jointly held and governed by a consortium that includes institutions, dancemakers, funders, and others who support Chicago Dancemakers Forum because of its crucial role in advancing the vitality of dance in Chicago.

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